Windows 9 aka Threshold Public Preview coming soon


WIndows 9

Not long ago the August Patch Tuesday has been where some new features have been released but mainly there were bug fixes in the update, however there were not so much new features that we can call it Update 2 like it has been called in the leaks before, it finally came as the ‘August Update’ to consumers on the patch Tuesday. Well it was a bit disappointing of course but according to recent rumors a ‘Technology Preview’ or also called ‘Public Preview’ of Windows 9 aka Threshold is already on the way.

ZDNet is reporting that this update will come at late September or early October but not to all consumers as the final Update it will be a preview where you can subscribe to be part of the preview if you like to test the latest version of Windows. Windows 9 is supposed to be ‘The Next Big Thing’ for Windows, the final release will probably be released in April 2015. Previous leaks already say that it will include a new Start Menu with ModernUI like features, Apps will be able to run in Windows on the Desktop just like normal programs, virtual desktops will come and latest leaks also say that the Charms Bar which came with Windows 8 will be eliminated with Threshold.
Also Cortana seems to be integrated where as I’m not sure if this will also be integrated in the Preview, hopefully it will. If you join the Windows 9 Technology Preview program you will have to agree to install the monthly updates that Microsoft will provide for the course of the preview so that the software giant can test how well this fast new updating process works on its most-used product.

Windows 9 Start Menu

We will see which new features the Preview will bring in the end, maybe it will be comparable with the Windows 8.1 Update regarding the features but it is also important for Microsoft to have new a Version of Windows to get rid of all the negative thoughts which people get when they hear Windows 8, so the easiest way to do that is to make there new Windows even better and call it Windows 9.