Rumor: HTC M8 can also run Windows Phone 8



It’s almost for sure, that HTC will present the HTC W8, which will be the HTC M8 but with Windows Phone 8 on August 19th, also the specs of the device already leaked. If you like to you have a look at them follow this link here. However there are new rumors concerning HTC, it is about the bootloader of both the HTC M8 and W8, according to Upleaks it is possible to install Windows Phone on the HTC M8 (Currently running Android) but that’s not all according to the source it will also be possible to install Android on the upcoming HTC W8 (will be running Windows Phone).

What you can see here is the tweet from Upleaks which clearly says that HTC is using compatible bootloader for both devices.

Well what would you think of a Windows Phone where it would be easily possible to just uninstall Windows Phone and put Android on it, maybe a good thing for some people getting used to Windows Phone because they always have the good conscience: “If Windows Phone won’t convince me I’ll just switch back to Android.” And believe they will be convinced by Windows Phone in the end, all of them.