Windows Phone 8.1 device from LG coming soon


Microsoft has already announced that LG will be an OEM partner for Windows Phone devices in the future. Now there are rumors about the first device of LG running Windows Phone 8.1, because an so far unknown device appeared in a database of AdDuplex which is a cross promotional platform for Windows and Windows Phone.

According to a tweet of Alan Mendelevich, founder of AdDuplex, a LG device has been spotted on the AdDuplex Networks, under the (code)name LG D635.

LG was pretty successfull in the past with their Android devices and maybe they are now trying to enter the Windows Phone market, at least with a low budget device. Currently there are only a few features of the device known such as the display which will be a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720-pixels and also the OS is known, it will be, of course, Windows Phone 8.1

Below you can see a picture of a LG Windows Phone device which evleaks has posted once, it’s not clear if this will be the final device but it doesn’t look too bad to me so let’s see what LG will finally release in the end.

LG D635_ 5-Inch Windows Phone 8_1 Smartphone Could Be Launched Soon

What do you think of a LG Windows Phone, would you buy it? Let me know below in comments.