Fix Nokia Lumia 930 purple display issue


We all know the popular problem of the Nokia Lumia 930, which a few devices suffer from, the purple display issue.

Nokia Lumia 930

Immediatly after the release of the Nokia Lumia 930 in July a few users complaint about an issue with the display which encounters when the brighness level is set to ‘auto’ or when it is set to ‘low’ however it doesn’t appear if you set your brightness settings to ‘medium’ or ‘high’.

Luckily there is a good workaround for this problem, all you have to do is go to settings –> display –> adjust colour, when you are in the colour options click on ‘profile’ and move the tint to green, then the purple display issue should be gone.


Microsoft already knows the problem with the display of the Nokia Lumia 930 and they are already working on a firmware update so that this will be patched in the near future. Below you can see a Twitter conversation with the Nokia Care Team, according to them a fix is in the works.

Source: International Business Times