Bing gets conversation capabilities


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Microsoft’s search engine Bing is getting smarter everyday and though there have already been rumors that Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, will sell the Bing section along with the xBox section, the completly opposite is happening.

And guess what Bing is now able to talk to you but not only talking, the service has now full conversation capabilities.

There have already been rumors that Cortana will come to Windows with Windows 9 aka Threshold in early 2015, but Microsoft was a bit faster concerning Bing. The search engine is now aware of what you are looking for and can now interact with you, so for example if you are searching for Staya Nadella with Bing and ask it how old he is, it will give you the correct answer but even if you continue asking where he is living Bing will give you the right answer because it keeps your previous questions in mind, so in this case, that you’re talking about Satya. This brings searching with Bing to a whole new level.

The internal Bing Blog from Microsoft is explaining this pretty good with an axample:

“Now, not only will give you the answer directly in the search results, but we
will also continue the conversation. For instance, you can ask “who is the
president of the united states”, we will show you the answer. From there you
might ask, “who is his wife” or “how tall is he.” Bing maintains the context and
keeps the conversation moving forward.”

This is really a good step foward from Microsoft against the huge dominance of Google in the search engine section and I think if Microsoft continues with some good updates there will be nothing against it anymore to use Bing instead of Google.

One last big thing would probably be to get rid of the Bing Beta, which is still active, in europe.

Source: Eye On Windows & bing blogs