AT&T Nokia Lumia 520 now $39.99 on Amazon w/ Free Shipping


Lumia 520

I don’t know how much cheaper this phone could go. Back then when I had this phone, I told you guys it was a steal for a price of $100. Now its selling for $39.99.. No Contract, No BS!

If you don’t have a phone.. This is a must buy! Its not just a phone.. Its a Smartphone with a latest software and free lifetime GPS navigation from HERE Nokia.

Tell me if you can get new smartphone for less than $50? Oh and by the way.. A World Phone than can work on any carriers that runs on GSM/Sim Card. (Subject to Phone Unlocking is needed)

If you are new to smartphones, this I highly recommend.. Windows Phone is so easy to use. Great for all ages, Teens, Adults, and Elderly.

What are you waiting for? Click HERE and buy one now.