Is this the Nokia Lumia 830? [Updated]


Is this the upcoming Nokia Lumia 830 by Microsoft?
Is this the upcoming Nokia Lumia 830 by Microsoft?

Below you can see a video of a photo which TK Tech News has received directly from a Verizon source today, they claim that this could be the upcoming Nokia Lumia 830 for Verizon customers in the US with Windows Phone 8.1 preinstalled.

They also say, that the source has already shipped the device and a Hands On with the brand new Nokia device will follow soon. Well according to the leaked specs I hope they’ll get it soon for a hands on, of course we will be writing about it as soon as possible. Here are the known specs once again for the rumored Nokia Lumia 830:

  • 4.5″ 720p display
  • 20.1 PureView camera by Carl Zeiss
  • SD Card Support

830 2

Microsoft has also teased Nokia Power User today with an upcoming event in Berlin at the IFA on 4th of September. Most likely this will be the event where the rumored Nokia Lumia 730 and the Nokia Lumia 830 will be released. The orange color of the teaser picture fits perfectly to the previously leaked pictures of the Nokia Lumia 730, and not only that, TK Tech News is claiming that the Nokia Lumia 830 will feature a 20.1 MP PureView camera so maybe the camera we see on the teaser is the camera of the 830.

Teaser by Microsoft
Teaser by Microsoft


New photos of the Nokia Lumia 830 leaked today at a chinese website called Weibo, what do you think are these pictures real, if so then it is a pretty nice device which Microsoft will probably release on september 4th in Berlin.



Source: TK Tech News

Picture Source: Weibo