Epic Mid-Range Battle – SuperMan (730) vs Tesla (830)


I hope all are aware of the allegedly leaked Nokia Lumia 730. If not, here are the article that covers up the disclosure.

This article by Erick covers the leak.

This one by Lenny Bons reveals the alleged Specification of the Lumia 730.


Aside from the speculation, we have an interesting contrast table here to see how the so called Lumia 830 might be different from the Lumia 730.

Before we look into the difference and similarities, let’s see how the 730 might look. We have got one more leak release from China which revealed an Orange Lumia 730 which had the dual GSM network functionality. This is likely to come in two versions, a single SIM and a dual SIM version.

This is how the 730 might look.

730 0

Now the comparison table:

tesla vs superman


The Lumia 730 is expected to hit Verizon before the global release and 830 is likely to hit AT&T first before the global rollout.

Here are few leaked pictures of the 730 and the 830.



Lumia 730-3



The Nokia Lumia 730’s rear seems to be a blend of the 1520’s elegance and the 625’s taste on the other hand, the amalgam of the 1020’s camera lump design and the 920’s pizzazz bear a resemblance to the 830’s design.


830 1 830 2 830 3

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Source – Dospy & XAPCN.com