New Leaked Photos of What is Rumored to be the Nokia Lumia 730 Codename (SUPERMAN)


Leaked Photos have surfaced around the web of a new upcoming Microsoft-Nokia Phone. It is rumored to be the Nokia Lumia 730 Code Name (Superman). If this is indeed the Lumia 730, this would be the successor to the successful mid range Nokia Lumia 720.



This smartphone is also rumored to be a target to the ever growing trends of SELFIE photo takers. It is rumored to have a 5MP front facing camera. That is great, hope it will have wide angle lens so we don’t have to invest on a monopod.

This phone seems to be running on a software version called “Lumia Debian Red” Can they get anymore obvious with red?

Lumia 730-1

Would we see this Software version soon on our current Lumia Devices? I am curious to know what the Lumia Debian Red would offer.

Let us know what your thoughts.. Interesting to point out.. It is codename “SUPERMAN” Its color Green.. Kryptonite is Green and its supposedly SUPERMAN’s weakness.

And another one for you guys.. Thanks to WpCentral for the Photos.

Lumia 730-2Source: Wpcentral