Fitbit release an Official Windows Phone app



Hot on the heels of my Fitbit One: Hands On Review, today Fitbit have announced the release of an official Fitbit Windows Phone app specifically designed for work on Windows Phone 8.1.

Based on the app store description below, they are bringing all of the functionality previously limited to the official Fitbit app on iPhone and Android smartphones

App Store Description

The free Fitbit app for Windows 8.1 includes:

  • REAL-TIME STATS: Automatic and wireless syncing for all Fitbit activity and sleep trackers through Bluetooth 4.0
  • FITBIT ON YOUR START SCREEN: Pin the Fitbit Live Tile to your Start screen and quickly view your step count
  • STAY ON TRACK: Real-time and historical stats in easy-to-understand graphs, to help track progress and set goals
  • LOG MORE THAN ACTIVITY: Recently enhanced food database of more than 350,000 foods with accurate nutritional data for faster, better food-logging and calorie coaching
  • GET MOTIVATED: Fitbit’s motivational social tools like notifications and badges, to help reach target goals
  • STAY SOCIAL: Ability to challenge friends and family with leaderboards, direct messages, cheers and taunts

Initial Experiences

Having installed the new app to test it out with the Fitbit One, all looks fine although I have been encountering issues getting the app to find the  tracker unit.  Otherwise, the app provides all of the functionality provided by Fitbit Tracker, which was, and still is the best third party alternative app.

Having discussed my sync issue with the Fitbit UK team I now know the reason for the problem. They pointed me to the Fitbit Arrives for Windows Phone 8.1! article over on the Windows Phone Blog which states that:

Please note: Fitbit currently supports Microsoft Nokia Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1 with the Lumia Cyan firmware. You can check their supported device page for the most up-to-date list of compatible devices as they expand compatibility to additional devices in the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Although this means I am unable to comment on the ease of live tracker sync with the new app at the moment, this means that the issue will be resolved as soon as I am running the Cyan firmware update and the official public release of Windows Phone 8.1.

Screen Shots

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