2 Colourful New Lumia Ads



Two new Lumia ads have gone up on Nokia’s YouTube channel, both promoting the new Lumia 530.

The first, named “And the winner is” looks at how it compartes with other smartphones around the same £100 price. Watch it below:

With expandable memory, a quad core processor, Windows Phone 8.1, music, maps and cloud storage, the Lumia 530 is the best-value smartphone around. See how it wins hands down against the competition.

The other, titled “Power for the people” looks at the apps available for the 530 like MixRadio and also shows off the Coloud Bang Mini speaker. That video is also below:

Quad core power, Windows Phone 8.1 and your favourite apps – whether you’re messaging, socializing or gaming, the Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM gives you the power to have fun.

Both videos use the bright green and orange colours, which the new Windows Phone 8.1 device will come in.

Let us know what you think of these.