Cortana Can Do Impressions! [Video]




I have to admit, Cortana has been nothing short of very useful and entertaining ever since updating to Windows Phone 8.1 via the Developer Preview. I usually find myself showing off to my iPhone-touting friends (of which there are many) by making her sing and answer questions that I know will merit witty responses. Now I have yet another reason to show off; Cortana can do impressions!

I don’t know how long she has been able to do this, and I may be late to the game, but I am genuinely impressed by this! And while she was only able to do 3 impressions (that I know of), they were still pretty entertaining. I especially like her impression of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. I tried to do this on Siri and all I got were web results on “Do an impression”. FAIL! Cortana may still be in Beta, but she’s shaping up to give Siri and Google Now quite a run for their money.

Let us know if you’ve gotten her to do any other impressions