Video Tuner Hands On Video



In our latest video, uploaded to our YouTube channel, we take a look at the video editing app from Microsoft Mobile, Video Tuner, only available for Windows Phone 8.1. You can watch it below:

I have Video Tuner installed on my Lumia 920 which is running the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, and have found it is causing some problems for my Glance Screen, as well as this I wasn’t able to upload completed videos to Instagram. I am putting these things down to the fact I am running Preview software, and imagine things are a lot more stable on Consumer Release 8.1 devices (Lumia 630).


It turns out it the Developer Preview was the reason for the Glance Screen issue, and Instagram uploading not working, the Developers of Video Tuner informs us:

“The Cyan update is the fix. Most people are currently using the WP8.1 Developer Preview (i.e. people who do not have a commercial Lumia 630 or 930). …The developer preview is also the cause of many bugs reported across all the other Windows Phone 8.1 apps.”

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You can get Video Tuner free from the Microsoft Store HERE.