Android powered Lumia Devices – on its way!


We all have been wondering about what Microsoft is up to with its Android handsets and today we have got one more news about that. Last month there was a new addition to the Nokia “X” series which was the Nokia X2. Many were however reluctant about the “X” series for its low specification however Evleaks now reveals that Android powered Lumia Smartphone are on its way which will sport the rumored “Nokia by Microsoft” branding. I am sure this will atleast feature a descent 1.7  dual core s4 processor or higher (possibly a Quad-Core) since Lumia 520 has the lowest configuration in the Lumia platform and if Microsoft is going for a Lumia Android 520, it doesn’t make sense as this would go up against the Nokia X2. I am thinking Nokia by Microsoft will try “Android” on higher end devices.

Android powered Lumia

The question here is, will this also sport a Pureview camera?

Nokia already had the forked Android smart phones under the “X” series, it is quite weird and wonderful that Microsoft is planning to launch the same on the Lumia devices then again will there be a new series? Also will this be a full fledged Android device or again the forked version?

Apart from the first set of devices that were leaked, Evleaks recently tipped us with another batch of code names. I am thinking there might be 3 Android powered Lumia devices which are on the way possibly one being the flagship of the new series.

More leaks

Now that the Nokia Lumia is well known to the world, the company has planned to promote the Lumia devices with Android. Will you get one of those? Let us know what you might expect from this “Android powered Lumia” device.