#LumiaShootOut Leader Board soon to be Fixed!



You may have caught my post last week looking at how to play the #LumiaShootOut competition, which features a Lumia 1520 as the prize for whoever tops the Leader Board with 1320’s and Nokia X’s for the rest of the top ten, and a T Shirts for positions 11-100. Well since this all started along with the Brazil World Cup there have been a few issues with the Leader Board, one of the main problems seems to be some users appear on it multiple times (see the picture at the top of this post). I also believe my points total has decreased compared to a few days ago along with my place in the top 100.

Welcome news to those taking part in this contest is that this may be getting fixed soon, I asked @MySportingMouth, which is the Twitter account of the creators of the Sporting Mouth app about the same usernames appearing multiple times, as well as the fact some of my points seemed to have disappeared, and this is how they responded:

I will be keeping a close eye on the Leader Board, and will bring any news of improvements or fixes. You can also check it yourself by visiting nokia.ly/lumiashootout.

You can also keep any eye on the Sporting Mouth blog, by clicking HERE. And finally, good luck if you are taking part.