Win a Lumia 1520 with #LumiaShootOut



Think you can predict the outcome of matches in the 2014 World Cup, which has just started in Brazil? If so, you could win a Lumia 1520 by downloading the Sporting Mouth app and challenging the “Lumianary”. There are also some really good runners up prizes for the top 100 players including Lumia 1320’s and Nokia XL’s.

How To Play

Download the Sporting Mouth app, then challenge the Lumianary by predicting the outcomes of this summers big games.

Share your first #LumiaShootOut result on Facebook for 3 bonus points and challenge your friends or the Lumianary to win points and a place on our Social Shootout Leaderboard.

Win one point for every defeated friend, three points for successfully challenging the Luminary or six points on tough to call games.

The Top 100 players win a prize.


The SportingMouth app is also available on iOS, Android and Windows 8, so pretty much anyone can take part in it. To find out more visit Nokia’s Facebook page HERE.