5 Short Films –> 1 Winner; cast your votes now! #LumiaICONchallenge


ICON Video Challenge

Nokia has sponsored the most talented film crew for the Lumia ICON challenge. Earlier, there was a broadcast from Nokia about “Lumia Icon Challenge” which had a hard due date to submit a story video (through Rippld). Now, Nokia selected five short film troops which were nominated from a whole lot and was awarded a $10,000 production budget, three Nokia Lumia Icon devices and filmmaking kit to try their hand at creating the best video.

At the present we have 5 short films and out of which 1 will be awarded. That work of art will be featured on Nokia.com and recognized by the popular lifestyle site Thrillist (Mass Media Group) – gaining tons of exposure across the United States as cited by the conversations team. This could not happen without your support, vote for your favorite short-film on the webpage and share with friends for a chance to win* your own Lumia Icon. Here are the story videos for you!

There were many who missed this challenge due to a very short notice but don’t feel dejected. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Start shooting your own videos and let Nokia know about your work, it will have appreciation for the efforts and will be honored, if worthy! 😛 Don’t forget to vote!