1520 words about the 1520!



I have been using the Nokia Lumia 920 over one and a half years now but additionally I’ve also been experimenting with a few Nokia phones recently. The latest has been with the new Nokia Lumia 1520.

All credits goes to the blogger’s mind who offered me a free trial and not to mention, a special thanks to the superman Lenny for referring me. The 1520 is an outsized beastie yet successfully draws a niche group of people. However if you think that you are not a part of that class, this write up is just for you!

Inside the 1520…

This flagship Phablet features the Adreno 330 GPU and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 CPU which means better battery utilization management. To top it, this has a lengthy 3400mAh Li-ion non replaceable battery. The 1520 has 2 GB RAM which adds to the celerity of the device. This device has a whopping 20MP camera with the PureView touch. Furthermore, this offers one of the highest specification cameras currently available on a Phablet smartphone. The inbuilt storage varies between 2 sorts. This comes with either 16 or 32 GB which is well-brought-up however if you think this is not adequate, you have an option to expand the storage up to 128 GB with Micro SD card.

I would say this phone is just not made but sculptured almost to perfection! You could see the minute state of the art things that are embedded on this device like the latest WIFI standard “AC”, wireless charger, LTE, amazing Optics, NFC, 367 pixels per inch (Pixel Density) on a 6 inch screen, the design quality, Microphone quality and many more to quote. Nokia Lumia 1520 has given the Note 3 a run for its money, especially with its impressive spec sheet. Finally, the OS is also buttering up the hardware part. With the Windows Phone 8.1, this device is beyond standards. HERE Maps, MIX Radio and Office of course add value to the package.

How big is too big?

The very first thing anyone would note as I just pointed out is its proportions. It was large enough in my pocket that its upper corner would always stick out, so every time I will have an uneasy thought that it might jump down.

As Nokia conversation had remarked on the size, I too felt the same!

“Day One: the phone seems massive. “How can I possibly live with this?” you think.

Day Two: and suddenly, it doesn’t seem so large, somehow.

Day Three: and it’s the new normal. You pick up your old phone and it’s so small and dinky, like it was designed for a child.


With this magnitude, the Lumia 1520 would be really hard to handle with one hand then again this break the conventional way of using your Mobile phone. Well, according to the nomenclature, the 1520 is classified under “Phablet” which is the prime reason why this cannot be handled just like the normal phones. The observers would always accuse the 1520 of its size and Windows Phone OS however observers are never users!

Windows Phone OS – a remorseful OS?

Android and iOS are providing more choices in available apps to the consumer than the WP App store then again; there are 90% chances that you could possibly end up getting an alternative for your favorite applications. There are so many exclusive contemporaneous applications in the WP platform that are really convincing which makes the WP platform tempting. Microsoft and Nokia are doing everything so briskly as a result the WP platform is getting better day by day. Standing still as a hardcore Nokia fan as always, I couldn’t take it when Nokia ditched Symbian and went with Windows Phone OS. Stalwart loyalty towards Nokia proved irresistible which didn’t stop me from getting the Nokia Lumia 920. I had been with Nokia Lumia family from “Portico” to “Cyan” and I honestly feel that its way better than Android with the WP 8.1 OS. Nokia and MS have literally done so much and have overhauled the Windows Phone OS. This OS now has almost all the characteristics as that of Android along with its comfy interface. Just because this OS doesn’t comprise as many apps as iOS has it doesn’t mean it’s not at fault or not worth your time.

What else – with 1520?

I experimented with the Nokia Lumia 1520 for nearly a month and with the Cyan update installed on the 1520 the negative aspects of the Black update were decimated however I did feel the lag while shooting videos and taking snaps with the Nokia Camera. Few lag then and there but there were about 2 updates after I had installed Windows Phone Blue post which the number of lags reduced. I felt that my 920 takes better images than the 1520. I am so surprised with the amount of updates released by “Nokiasoft” for the apps and the OS, which is a big minus in Android or iOS. The extra column of live tiles made my start screen undersized. The apps that I had pinned to the start came only till the middle of the screen and I still had half of the screen which was unfilled. I wonder what could be done to get around this but practically speaking nothing will work out. The speaker output was not impressive but descent enough. The display clarity was tremendous and the build quality was amazing too. The hardware composition is undoubtedly impeccable. There are still loads of software enhancements that can be done. I thought about the right Swipe on the Start Screen. MS can augment this conception to the WP OS build. MS could also consider Screen Rotation on the Start Screen which could automatically align the tiles pinned to the start screen in the landscape mode. This could be done in such a way that switching back and forth should not change the alignment set by the user. The same can be applied if we toggle the on/off button on the “show more tiles” under Settings à start + theme. Loads ofscope for improvement on the software side and I feel that MS is doing a great job. I tried the following games: GTA San Andreas, Dark Knight Rises (Batman), Angry Birds GO, Modern Combat 4, Temple Run OZ, battle of Chepauk, Asphalt 8 and Gravity guy 2 which played without delay. We have recently got results posted by mobile benchmarking firm Rightware showing that the Lumia 1520 is the best smartphone on the planet for mobile gaming. Video play back was also amazing. Every phone has some minuses. So stop waiting for perfection, it might never happen. Just buy this device if your heart is content and most undoubtedly your wallet too should be plentiful like the phone and your heart. I reckon this is something really close to perfection!


This device seems to be big however when you start using this device, all the other phones will be hard to use and this would “Reboot your brain” as mentioned by the conversations team. Also according to a new study, it was found that many people are more motivated by an emotional need to own a bigger device and so this device is ideal for a lot of populations. Your mind will reduce the size of the 1520 unconsciously once you get acquainted with the 1520.

Icing on the cake…

  1. Big and excellent display
  2. Very prompt and faster CPU
  3. Good battery life
  4. Descent Camera and video clarity
  5. Ultimate viewing experience
  6. Excellent build quality
  7. Solid for games

Thumbs down

  1. Low speaker volume
  2. Nano Sim card
  3. Hard to use other devices after using this
  4. No stylus
  5. Less Camera Clarity than thought

This is one hell of a phone which is on par with the current latest flagship mobile phones. No comparison with other smart phones since this has its own distinctiveness and matchless strong suit. I was so reluctant to even try this 1520 but it all changed on the 2nd day! I reckon the Windows Phone OS is actually very good. The Nokia Lumia 1520 has got so many things right than its hardly any bad views. The 30 days trial was beatific. I still remember telling the CEO of Bloggers Mind that I was finding the 1520 hard to handle during an event at Bangalore but she was taken aback by what I told since she was using one. Nevertheless when I was into the 5th day, the phone appeared absolutely solid and normal just like what she felt about the 1520. Size and OS are the two things bothering most of the crowd but only when tried, this mislead message will fade away. So become a part of the niche group of people and try the 1520, I bet you will not be without referring this titanic yet enticing device to who all you know!

Do you own a 1520? Share your thoughts about your 1520 below on the comments part.

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P.S: Having said all this, I just succeeded indoctrinating my girl to switch to the Lumia family from her fellow feeling for Samsung! Switching people to get Lumia is sheer knack and I am now a master! End of yet another Samsung spree.