Nokia US Throws Shade at Apple’s WWDC14 Announcements



Nokia USWhat I love about social media is that it gives tech companies a chance to poke fun at each other. This is especially fun to watch when companies like Apple, HTC, and Samsung release new products. With Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference kicking off, we just saw the announcement of the new update to OSX Yosemite as well as iOS8. Of course, NokiaUS took to Twitter to address the new name for OSX by posting the above photo. The caption “See what we did there? ;)” was included with the photo. What’s even more funny about this was that during the presentation, a demo of the new OSX Mail app’s markup feature showed a photo of a cliff where when zoomed in you are able to see some climbers on the side of the rock. My response to this? They’re obviously showing off how great the Lumia 1020 camera is!

OSX YosemiteNokiaUS continued with the funny tweets when Apple announced that iOS8 would include a new feature, QuickType, which is basically a predictive text keyboard similar to that of Microsoft’s WordFlow keyboard on Windows Phone (it really took them this long to get this). Of course, Apple finds this extremely innovative of iOS, we in the Windows Phone community are pretty used to this feature, allowing us much faster text input. Nokia’s response to this announcement? “Catch Up!”

  And of course it couldn’t be an Apple announcement without poking fun at Siri!


I must say, of all the companies that like to joke about each other, Nokia by far throws the best shade of any of them! Their tweets always manage to make me laugh!