Windows Phone 8.1 File Manager hits the store.


Joe Belfiore gave a presage of a point when the official File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1 would hit the App Store during the “Ask Me anything” program on Reddit last month and today we have the Official File Manager from Microsoft on the App store. This is titled as “Files” and it has the new WinRT APIs for 8.1. Subsequently, Microsoft had enabled the file picker and file access for third party apps.



The store description tells that-

By using this app you can:

• Access files stored on your phone and SD card

• Browse, search and launch files

• Easily share one file or multiple files

• Create folders to organise your files

• Copy, move, rename and delete files






We finally have a way to view the downloads folder for IE. Now you can manage your storage quicker and faster. So don’t wait, If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 device or running the developer preview, give it a try. Finally a way to see the downloads folder for IE. Click HERE to download the Official File manager for Windows Phone 8.1.