Kantar Figures Show Windows Phone Growth in Europe


Kantar World Panel have released their figures for the three months up to the end of April 2014, revealing growth for Windows Phone’s market Share against last month in EU5 (combined numbers for GB, Italy, Spain, France and Germany), while individually increasing in all but one of those European markets, that being Italy. Outside of Europe Microsoft’s mobile platform has seen growth in Japan, while decreasing in the USA, China and Australia.

The table below shows Windows Phone market share, according to KWP for the these latest numbers against last month:


Looking at the same three month period last year, Windows Phone has made some quite considerate gains, particularly in France where it has grown from 6.2% to 10.1%. However market share has dropped year on year in China and the USA.

Here is the full table from for the three months up to and including April 2014 from Kantar World Panel:


One bit of bad news for Windows Phone is that it has now dropped below iOS in Italy, a market in which it was second only to Android for quite some time. We will be keeping an eye on these figures, hopefully seeing WP going back in front, especially with Windows Phone 8.1 being released and new budget friendly devices like the Lumia 630 starting to go on sale.

Source Kantar World Panel