Amazing Video! Lumia Arc of Wonder



We’ve seen some really impressive stuff done with the 41 megapixel camera found on the Lumia 1020, and this video, by smartphone filmmaker Paul Trillo can be added to the collection.

Captured on 50 separate Lumia 1020’s, known as the “Arc of Wonder” due to it’s shape, Paul took snaps of various goings on down the streets of New York and painstakingly stitched each individual picture together to produce the video below, named Living Moments – Lumia Arc of Wonder.

We are also treated to a behind the scenes video, uploaded to Nokia’s YouTube channel showing how it was all done.

Paul Trillo is quoted by Conversations as saying the following about the production:

I had wanted to do something with the frozen time effect for awhile. So when Nokia Brand Labs approached me to do something with 50 Lumia 1020s, I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

However, just using cell phones to shoot ‘bullet time’ or ‘frozen time’ is sort of gimmicky. It needed a point. So what made sense for me was to do something 100% mobile. I was tired of seeing the bullet time effect contained to a studio. For me, it was a matter of getting out to the streets and trying to capture something real. I thought it would be interesting to create some sort of surreal camera motion and time manipulation while documenting reality simultaneously.

Part of the challenge was coming up with a looping camera movement that could transition from multiple places. We had discussed aligning the phones looking for a way to create the typical looping camera movement with the subject in the center. Although it didn’t feel fresh or innovative enough. Something else I had wanted to do for awhile was create a camera motion that could go underground and come back up again. So it was a matter of combining the two ideas and turning the rig perpendicular to the way it’s usually conceived.

Amazing stuff! Truly head spinning!

To read more about Paul Trillo and the Arc of Wonder click HERE.