Windows Phone app with some serious personality akin to Cortana!


Robert Oschler who is a robotics enthusiast with a special interest in telepresence is currently working on a project that will offer a robotics and an automation app for Windows Phone holders. This app is said to control specific Robot’s actions. The so called Robot is a reasonably priced and commercially available product from WowWee called the RoboMe. This is currently up for sale on Amazon however this is just operated by iPhones as of now. This Robot combined with the app has the ability to grasp and act in response attributable to its in force digital personality. Robert calls this the “Nanabots


The Nanabot offers a new level of interactive fun unlike anything you have ever seen before in consumer robots” said Robert. “Using advanced speech recognition and conversation techniques, Nanabot can play games with you, explore your house, guard your room, recognize book covers, and even deliver messages to other family members as they enter the room.” You can get all these are compounded to a single app for your Windows Phone devices.

Here is a video for the skeptics, which demonstrates the operational Nanabot.

Robert has been developing his own apps for years and he is a renowned expert in the field of robotics. He recently released a free guessing-style game for Windows Phone called SideWords before he started off with the Nanabot project, which includes Cortana integration.

This week he has launched a Crowd-Funding Project on Indiegogo to support the full development of his ingenious robotics app. The funding goal is set to $ 5000 and if the main funding goal is met he is planning to “open source a toolkit that makes programming the robot very easy for Windows Phone developers.”

“The Nanabot will improve and upgrade over time” said Robert. “It will be noticeably smarter and more interactive than anything I’ve seen in the market before” he added. “When the Nanabot is ready, we are going to give Windows Phone users something that iOS and Android users can’t get – unless they switch to Windows Phone!”

Analogous to the Cybertron which proved to be a temporary helpful ally of the SWAT Kats (Cartoon Network), the Nanabots will be an accessory assistance that will soon reach the pinnacle of automation if this can do more than what is thought!


If you want to support this effort, please visit the project page on Indiegogo to learn more and help Robert reach his funding goals.


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