From here to there to anywhere with Nokia Lumia 630 #Lumia630DoMoreFaster


I really love Multi-tasking but hate hang-ups and so I (Parasaran) have reached Bangalore with celerity to experience the rate of knots of the Nokia Lumia 630 which is powered by Snapdragon 400 quad core processor with gorgeous Clear Black, IPS LCD display. This handset is crafted to perfection with a sleek polycarbonate design with interchangeable covers. I got a quick flavor of the 630 which was explicated by Mr. Viral Oza the director marketing, Nokia and Siddharth Verma the Program Manager at Nokia, here at the event and I am most happy to share that with all.


It would have been awesome if this phone had something unique like a separate identity such as waterproofing, higher battery tolerance, camera tweaks and so on unlike the other WP devices, almost certainly it would sell better. This phone of course has its own negatives like no dedicated camera button, only 512MB RAM, no front facing camera, no NFC and priced a little high (for the basic spec.) however the positive side of the 630/635 doesn’t disturb the equilibrium. I also experienced the virtual soft keys which I felt was out of place.


The Nokia Lumia 630/635 falls under the quad-core segment which delivers a good execution of applications without any lag. This comes with Windows Phone 8.1 inbuilt which has the latest goodies like the Cortana, Notification Centre, VPN, installing apps on SD card, WIFI Sense, IE 11, new gesture-based keyboard and so on. The Lumia 635 has 4G connectivity in addition. The phone’s storage can be expanded via Micro SD card up to 128GB. 3G is supported on one SIM while the other stays in 2G mode. This device comes with the final version of the Windows Phone 8.1 and found a couple of new things on the settings like the navigation bar, USB, device hub and motion data. The developer preview OS version is 8.10.12359.845 and the firmware version is 1028.3562.1402.0001 however the Nokia Lumia 630 has a different firmware version 1061.0042.14162.47001 which confirms the final version of 8.1 in the 630 nevertheless we will still have couple of tweaks which are on the way. The 630’s SIM selection is very easy with just a toggle on the dial screen.


The dual SIM version is priced at INR 11,500 while the single SIM version is priced at INR 10,500 and the Dual SIM version would be available starting 14th May here in India however the single SIM variant will hit the market by last week of May. The most awesome part is that the consumers in India offer 2 months of Vodafone 3G data  (1GB/Month) with the purchase of Lumia 630 and you also get 2 months free subscription on Box TV app. If you get the 630 through you will get INR 2000 worth of free EBooks and after all it’s the cricket season consequently we have free IPL streaming on NexGTv app, all with the Nokia Lumia 630 in India.


We had the presentation post which we had the QA session. Following the session, we played the typing game in which whoever completes the 8 given tweets first on the given Lumia 630 would win a coloud headset. I finished but with my Lumia 920 running 8.1 which was not counted.

Alongside the launch of the Lumia 630, Microsoft has also announced the Treasure Tag. This device helps you hunt down the things that are tagged onto it. At most four Lumia devices can be connected via NFC to the Treasure Tag, and all the operations can be managed from its application. It uses a replaceable coin cell battery for power. The Treasure Tags are available in White, Black, Yellow and Cyan colors. This device is priced at INR 2100 here in India. Click HERE to know more about the Treasure Tag. Keep in mind that this device will work only from Lumia black Update

Nokia-Treasure-Tag-IndiaThe 630’s will offer a tough race for the Nokia Lumia 525 and the 520 which is the reason Nokia and Windows Phone have advanced in the first. Also, keep in mind that this device is just an introduction stage to the Windows Phone 8.1 in the low-priced division.

Nokia Lumia 525 vs Nokia Lumia 630

The performance of the Lumia 630 is almost similar to that of the Nokia Lumia 525 however the Nokia Lumia 630 has an edge over the Nokia Lumia 525 with couple of better specs. The 630 has a better expandable storage option, better battery and a improved processor on the hardware part. On the software side, the Lumia 630 comes with the final version of the Windows Phone 8.1 however the Lumia 525 can also be upgraded to the developer preview. The 525 has a blameless 1GB RAM and a good price point that makes this piece of equipment analogous to the Nokia Lumia 630 and also bear in mind that 630 has a dual SIM version and a LTE version (Nokia Lumia 635) which of course makes the 630 commendable.

Here is a quick comparison.

630 vs 525

You can see that the Nokia Lumia 630 is marginally better in terms of Spec s. yet the Nokia Lumia 525 is also praise (Price) worthy.  I was considering that this would be the end of 512MB RAM after the launch of Lumia 525 but this was a total surprise for everyone and I felt that the 630 was relegated.

My View: The Nokia Lumia 630 would have literally trashed the Moto G if this had the front facing Camera, 1 GB RAM and a flash Unit.


 Click HERE to view the complete review of the Nokia Lumia 630 by my chief, Lenny!

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Here is a hands on of the Lumia 630, apologies for the sound, there was a lot of background noise at the event, as you can imagine.

And here is Lenny‘s hands on with the Lumia 630.