Stilbag: My New Favourite Phone Pouch



After hunting around the internet for a while now, trying to find the right pouch to fit my Nokia Lumia 1020 without having to remove the Nokia Wireless Charging Cover for Lumia 1020 (CC-3066), I have attached by default, I came across the Stilbag website. Sadly the website is in German only as the company is based in Treves in Germany. After asking for some guidance from their very helpful support team I opted for the ‘FINN’ felt pouch for Nokia Lumia 1020 in anthracite and azure, which they advised was a comfort fit on the phone without covers, but would be tight with the cover on. The pouch costs on 12.95 Euros and ships internationally for free.

The pouch is precisely manufactured for the Lumia 1020 from 3mm thick high quality felt with anthracite coloured real wool felt on the outside accented by azure coloured viscose microfiber felt on the inside providing a nice contrast. A nice detail is the black elasticated strap ensuring that the phone does not fall out when the pouch is held with the opening at the bottom. This is a major advantage for me as I like to slide the phone in top first providing access to the charging port and leaving the wrist strap which came with the Nokia Camera Grip for Nokia Lumia 1020 (PD-95G) exposed.

WP_20140503_13_07_05_Pro 1   WP_20140503_18_04_49_Pro 1

A nice little extra for those who want a truly personalised look Stilbag also offer the ability to upload your own images, motifs or designs to be designed into the exterior of the pouch. The overall pouch dimensions would not change, but this provides the ultimate one of a kind look. Finally, as it is manufactured from absorbent materials it could get dirty over time, but Stilbag advise that the pouch can be hand washed at 30 degrees without damage.

WP_20140503_18_04_02_Pro 1   WP_20140503_18_04_36_Pro 1


With a bargain price of just 12.95 Euros and free shipping (it took 3 working days for mine to ship to the UK) Stilbag are now my favourite mobile pouch manufacturer. The one problem you may have is that the Stilbag site is in German only, so I had to make use of Bing Translate whilst purchasing the pouch, but it’s well worth the effort. I would be happy to provide the guys at Stilbag my translation services for a small fee of course.

I would be interested to here from anyone who has made use of the custom design service to here how it went. Based on the build quality of the standard case I expect the experience and end result would be impressive.