Nokia XL hands-on – My first Event



It’s no secret to those who know how much I love the Nokia products and today was my first time at a Nokia event! Ecstasy of delight I felt when I was surrounded by awesome bloggers whom I had followed for donkey’s years. All credits goes to Nokia Innovation Editor-in-Chief and owner, the incredible Lenny and Blogger’s Mind for sending me the offer to attend the event!

Being the first time, I never knew what would be the agenda, what to wear for the event and what to expect. I jumped out of the bed, took a quick shower and I hit the road. After a 350 Km awesome drive, I arrived at the event 2 hours early! I first met the head of Blogger’s Mind and I was quickly briefed about the outline of the event.

Never felt odd for coming in early but quite the reverse, I was excited about the event. Post briefing, I was admiring the beauty of the hotel when my eye balls were at a standstill when I saw the one and only Clinton Jeff A.K.A “CJ”, holder of I had read so many blogs created by him and also the article from Nokia Conversations esteeming him. He writes the largest and in depth reviews about Mobile phones and tablets. He was busy snooping on his latest gadgets as I walked straight to him and introduced myself. Believe it or not, it was already one and a half hours gone since we started talking. I was excited to see him.

I then headed off to the place where the event was about to begin. The event started on time and there was an hour presentation about the Nokia XL which was presented by Pranav Shroff Head of Product Marketing, Nokia India.


Subsequently, we had fun games and live demos after the presentation. We had this game where people had to identify the background music of the game, which was played. I apparently gave all the right answers but the organizer was not able to hear me calling the answer! People, who promptly replied and had a stroke of luck, won a Nokia WH 530 head set. My bad.

The next segment is always my all-time favorite, lunching! That was an awesome wind-up I would say!

About the XL:

Nokia XL is the flagship of the Nokia X series which is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).


Nokia XL has a matte-finish polycarbonate panel which can be detached to access dual SIM and micro SD card slots. It has two physical keys on the right side of the panel – power/lock button and volume rocker, micro USB port is placed at the bottom of the panel while on the top there is a 3.5 mm jack. On the front panel there is a 2 MP camera on the top and one touch-sensitive button under the display which can be tapped to go back a step or held to return to the home screen. The 5 MP camera along with a flash is present at the rear panel. Nokia XL has bigger display screen as compared to the Nokia X and X+. The XL offers a 5 inch WVGA IPS LCD (800 x 480) display with 187 pixel density (ppi).  At the back, it has a 5MP camera with a LED flash unit and it also comes with a 2 MP Selfie camera. This front camera has a pretty good clarity while making Skype calls then again it depends on your network speed too. This has 768MB of RAM making it a little prompter than the Nokia  X and runs on the 1 GHz dual core Snapdragon 4 processor. Nokia XL is powered by a 2000 mAh battery and runs on Nokia X platform which is based on Android 4.1 operating system.


This 5 inch phablet is never too easy to handle like the X or X+ however the bigger screen and the IPS panel provides great viewing angles. The touch is good and reactive .The display‘s color saturation and the contrast are pretty decent too.


The User interface of the Nokia XL is very simple with the fastlane and the phone’s interface hadn’t changed at all since the Nokia X. It still has the same endless vertical home screen and the Fastlane view.  This might take some time for the first time users but I bet this is one heck of a feature. This Fastlane can also be edited to suit our wants.


Overall, the XL gets a 256MB of RAM extra and a larger display unit when compared to the Nokia X. This could have had a better processor and better display but that again blows up the price. This device is expected to sell at 109 Euros (Rs. 9097) and I reckon this is definitely a value for money.



I somehow managed to get a quick hands on video during the event and sorry about the BG noises. Stay connected to Nokia Innovation for more feeds.