One Of The Best Lumia Devices Just Got Better: Lumia Icon $99 On Verizon



Well 1 of the top Lumia devices out there just got even better, the quad core, 20mp, 5″ 1080p Lumia Icon is now only $99 on Verizon Wireless with a 2yr contract. The price has been cut in half from its original contract price of $199. I have to say the Lumia Icon is 1 of my favorite Lumia’s it packs everything in 1 handset, 32gb, wireless charging easier to handle than the Lumia 1520. If you are on Verizon & like WP this is a no brainer & if you want to delve into WP, again I say jump on this.

You can order the Lumia Icon Here.

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Source: Verizon