Rajeev Suri – named the CEO of Nokia


Stephen Elop getting back to his former employer after Nokia had closed the sale of its devices business, created an uncertainty to the CEO spot for Nokia. After a long hushed race, the 46 year old Rajeev Suri was named the CEO of Nokia.


“I am honored to have been asked to take this role, and excited about the possibilities that lie in our future,” said Rajeev Suri. “Nokia, with its deep experience in connecting people and its three strong businesses, is well-positioned to tap new opportunities during this time of technological change. I look forward to working with the entire Nokia team as we embark on this exciting journey.”

Rajeev Suri and Satya Nadella were college mates at the Manipal Institue of Technology (MIT) in India however, Nadella graduated the previous year while Suri graduated in 1989, a year after Nadella was marked off. Suri and Nadella went through the same labs, walked through the same passage, and were in all chance taught by the same professor bearing in mind that both were students of electronics and communications.

MIT director Dr Vinod V Thomas was more resounding.

“It is no coincidence or accident that these two MIT’ians have made it big. Two of the top Fortune 500 companies being led by MIT alumni is indeed a noteworthy achievement. These are not merely fortuitous events,” he said. For students preparing for their exams next month, Suri’s appointment was the “most glorious piece of news” after Nadella’s elevation in February, he said.

Suri, previously headed the Nokia Solutions and Networks division, A.K.A NSN (previously known as Nokia Siemens Networks), since October 1, 2009 has been cherry picked as the head of its networks division to spearhead the company’s future and make a headway after selling its mobile phone business to Microsoft Corp.

“Rajeev is the right person to lead the company forward,” Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa said in a statement. “He has a proven ability to create strategic clarity, drive innovation and growth, ensure disciplined execution and deliver results.”

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I am proud as always!