Lumia Sales in Q1 2014: My Prediction



Today Nokia announce their results for the first quarter of 2014, and regular readers will know I often like to take a stab at guessing what Lumia sales will be announced. And while last quarter Nokia didn’t include these figures in their earnings call, labelling all their phone stuff as “Discontinued Operations” we did later find out that sales had dropped 7% from q3 2013 (8.8 million units) down to 8.2 million. So I am hoping we will still get to hear them this time around.

So for that reason I will still make a prediction. I think we will see growth against the last quarter, but won’t be as high as we saw in Q3, so my guess for Lumia sales in Q1 2014 is 8.6 million Devices sold. While I’m here I may as well make a prediction for the non smartphone sales, which I believe will be 48 million.

We will (hopefully) find out soon how close I was with these numbers, and will bring you news of the Quarterly Results, so look out for that.


Well the results have been and gone and while we didn’t get any actual sales numbers for Nokia Lumia device sales we were able to glean that Lumia sales went down against the last quarter (Q4 2013 – 8.2 million) but were up year on year (Q1 2013 – 5.6 million). So from that we can see my guess of 8.6 million was off, but we don’t exactly know by how much.