Open Letter From Stephen Elop, & My Thoughts.



Well today is a pretty sad day to some and to others a new beginning or journey in life, going from Nokia to Microsoft. I personally have mixed emotions I have been a Nokia Fan forever & a loyal 1 at that. When I read the burning platform memo in Feb of 2011, then  the decision to kill of Symbian, I felt like Nokia was giving up & throwing in the towel. They then announced going into a partnership with Microsoft & at that time I thought as everyone else they are going to be bought out but never wanted to believe it. Well as the news settled and the Lumia’s starting being produced my views changed, I started to agree with the transition to WP. I felt that with Nokia going this route that they would have  more control then if they went the Android route, they can add there services and there touches to a platform in its infancy. I thought if WP ever takes off it will be Nokia that brought it to where it’s at, which is just the truth as we can see from the % of WP devices that are Nokia’s.

I also  have said Nokia means more to Microsoft & WP then they would ever mean to Nokia. I mean let’s be honest if Nokia never went on board with WP it might have faced the same fate as the now famous Microsoft Kin but famous for its failure.

043775-microsoft-kinNokia dominated the WP world & actually gave it life & interest to many. I for 1 would have never tried WP if it wasn’t for Nokia. I did try because of my  loyalty and faith in the company. I knew it would produce a good product.  I can honestly say I am glad I tried it &  I’m glad Nokia was involved. There are still so many questions regarding the buyout & 1 of the biggest concerns for me as a Nokia fan and many others is Nokia’s ability to connect people . My fellow team mate Andy has written a great post and shares the same concern’s. Nokia excelled at connecting people and making us all feel like we were part of this great company. I wrote a post after my Trip to Abu Dhabi during Nokia world regarding similar concerns you can see that HERE. Nokia knew how to treat its fans and those that blogged about them. I mean common bloggers that did it for a passion not a job, that did it because they believed in a product and stood behind it, not because they received a paycheck or special services or sponsored by huge media outlets to write about them. Bloggers like myself  Andy, Derrek, Chris & the rest on the NokiaInnovation Team, that do it for the love we had for this company.

Well now the day has come & Microsoft has taken over & they brought the Nokia Mobile division with them. That is awesome  & I personally hope that they let the Nokia crew do what they do best. That is produce  great devices they are capable of, standing behind them, giving them the resources they need & continuing to let them bring the Nokia connecting people touch to the Microsoft world. I have established some great friends & communities through the years all because of Nokia & how it connected us. I hope this always remains the case.


 I wrote this article after I saw Elop’s open letter & how he talked about the Fans:

“At our core, we are passionate about building technology that will change the world. From the early vision of Microsoft of placing a PC in every home and on every desk, to Nokia connecting billions of people through mobile devices, we have empowered generations. But we could not have achieved any of this without our fans around the world.

Your support has created strong momentum for Nokia Lumia smartphones and they continue to grow in popularity around the world. Last year alone, the awards, accolades and fan-generated rave reviews offered proof of the growing number of champions for our phones and tablets.”

You can see his open letter HERE

I hope you do remember the Fan’s & the reason we are fans because of a company that treated us like we were part of them.

Thank you Nokia for a great Ride, I hope it continues on just under a different name now.