Updated Tip: Translate Text & Find Songs On WP8.1


There were 2 features I loved to use on my WP device, 1 was finding the artist of a song and the other was translating text. You were able to do both just by tapping the search key on the device.

With the new update things aren’t as apparent especially with the edition of Cortana. The good news is you are still capable of doing both. To find the artist of a song playing is basically the same steps, you tap the search button Cortana opens and in the upper right hand corner you will see a musical note, click the note and it listens to the song playing then tells you the artist of the song. It’s as simple as that.

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Now to translating text, There are 2 ways to go about doing this. 1st way is through camera, hit camera button , then lenses & use Bing vision. Bing vision is exactly what we had before when we pressed the search key except a few more steps involved.

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The 2nd way is through Microsoft’s  Translator App, yes I know its a separate app but I am told that it might be pre- installed on some devices, nothing confirmed though. With translator you can use the camera part of your phone and scan text to translate. It isn’t  as simple as clicking the search button but it is still possible if its a feature you might be missing. You can get the translator app HERE.

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This is the work around for translating text I have found, if you guys have an easier way please let us know. You can also share any tips or trick you have come along in WP 8.1, just comment below.