Video: My Initial Thoughts on the Lumia 1320



I’ve had the good fortune to get my hands on the Lumia 1320, which may be familiar to some of our regular readers. Both Lenny and Andy have done a review on this unit and it’s now made it’s way to Wiltshire, UK to see what opinion I can give on it.

This video is by no means my review, that will come later. It’s my initial thoughts on the device after just a week of use. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is it’s amazing battery life. I charged it to full on Tuesday, and it had lasted through to Sunday. I hadn’t been using it as my main device but it has been on throughout, I also had to juice it up a bit for the video, but I was still very impressed.

This video, it is up on our YouTube Channel. Make sure you Subscribe so as not to miss any of our future uploads, and if you have any questions or comments, as always I’d be interested to hear them. Hope you enjoy.