Awesome Calendar Shortcuts In WP 8.1



With the Developers Preview of Windows Phone 8.1 going live today we are all starting to find more and more cool features which perhaps we weren’t fully aware of, and here is one such example: Shortcuts from emails and messages which can easily be saved to your calendar.

Suppose someone emails you the following:


It will arrive on your Windows Phone 8.1 device like this:


The date, written in pretty much any format (10/4, Oct 4 etc) is recognized as a date and you are then able to click it. From there Cortana (if available I your area) offers to save it to your calendar. It will also tell you if you are already busy at that time.


This is a really nice feature which we thought deserved a bit more attention than it has so far got. It is not only present in email messages but also SMS.

Have you found a new feature in the WP 8.1 Developers Preview which you didn’t know about before? If so let us know in the comments section.