Mobile YouTube Website Hugely Improved on WP8.1 Browser



You may remember back in February WinBeta released a video of an early Windows Phone 8.1 emulator and in that video they went on YouTube and we were treated to what seemed like a much improved experience. Well, WPCentral have been speaking to a Microsoft Program Manager who shared with them some of the improvements they made to the mobile version of Internet Explorer 11, coming with Windows Phone 8.1, and how they will make using sites such as a lot nicer.

According to WPCentral we can look forward to the following:

Internet Explorer 11 HTML5 video and audio capabilities

•Inline Video and Full Screen Video Playback – Videos embedded in websites can be played directly, without “blowing up” to full screen, allowing users to continue to read the site while the video continues. That’s useful for sites like CNN or YouTube, where reading comments and details could be beneficial. Alternatively, users can tap the full screen button to regain that experience and site and content providers can make full screen playback the default.

•New Controls – Videos will pause and keep their place if you switch tasks/apps. Before, your position was lost. There’s another highly requested feature: scrubbing. Users can now slide to a particular position in the video.

•Audio and Video playback behind the lock screen – Yup, you can now lock the screen and still have the audio play. You can even do this for sites like Grooveshark ( However, if you minimize the app (aka task switch away), the video/audio stream will pause.

•Universal Volume Control Integration – Similar to the above new feature, you can still have access to the video/audio controls when on the Lock screen for playback. You can even switch songs on a site like Grooveshark without unlocking the phone.

So there we have it. Some of the above can be found on third party YouTube clients, but I think it will be nice to see these features in the web browser also. Can’t Wait!

Source WPCentral