Nokia Refocus “Overall better” Than HTC One M8’s Duo Camera



There has been a lot of talk recently about HTC’s latest flagship smartphone the One M8, and it’s Duo Camera, which uses two camera sensors, has garnered plenty of interest, partly because it allows users to “ufocus” shots, in other words refocus shots after they have been taken.

Michael Fisher of PocketNow has made a video comparing Nokia’s Refocus app against the M8 to see which handles shots with multiple focus points the best, and not surprisingly describes Nokia’s offering, which is demo’d on a Lumia 925, as “overall better… doing more with less.”

Michael notes that the two devices use “fundamentally different approaches”, but sums up that “the elegant simplicity of Nokia’s more elementary approach is overall better, and the lack of any specialist hardware hasn’t hurt Windows Phone’s offering.”

You can watch the whole video for yourself below.

Nokia has a habit of out doing HTC when it comes to camera technology, they attempted to emulate Nokia’s PureView technology in the HTC One M7’s camera with “Ultra-Pixels” but for a lot of people the camera was the worst part about the M7.

Anyway, Nokia Refocus app is available from the Windows Phone Store HERE . Below is my effort at a Refocus, taken on my Lumia 920, touch different areas of the picture to refocus it: