Nokia X Sells Out In China In Less Than Five Minutes



Having managed to amass 1 million pre orders on Chinese Carrier JinDong, the Nokia X has followed this up by selling out the first batch of available devices in a matter of minutes.

Customers who registered their interest on (which counted as a pre order) were given the option to buy the Nokia X, which runs on an heavily customised version of Android, at 10am (Beijing time) on March 24th and all available stock were sold by 10:05am. While we don’t know how many devices were available in the first batch it shows that there is some serious interest in the low end smartphone, which is priced at ¥599 (just under £59/$99).

More Nokia X’s are due to be available on March 31st, so it will be interesting to see if they sell out in as quick a time.

Source WPCentral