Windows Phone 8.1 Default Camera App Unleashed



Well the guys over at  UnleashThePhones have been doing an excellent Job of show casing the new features in the upcoming update Windows phone 8.1, which is about a month away hopefully. Today they have yet another video showcasing the new redesigned camera app in Windows Phone 8.1.

We can see in the video a few changes:

  • Camera app is called Microsoft camera
  • View finder has 3 options on right side single , burst & video modes
  • You can change the setting in the view finder according to your needs
  • Lenses have a new icon
  • Can change video quality instantly in Video mode

These are just a few things I have mentioned, check out the video for yourself & share your thoughts on the new  default camera app for WP 8.1

Via: UnleashThePhones