IBM Reports Growing Demand For Windows Phone in The Enterprise Market



While Windows Phone’s market share may not be growing quite as fast as some had expected, the Enterpise sector is one area where things have been moving faster, so much so that IBM have decided to add Windows Phone support to their new mobile device management platform.

Following their acquisition of Philadelphia-based Fiberlink, IBM’s new MaaS360 Productivity Suite will work with Windows Phone devices allowing IT departments to remotely wipe and manage enterprise apps and data.

IBM’s Jim Szafranski who is senior Vice President of the Fiberlink unit said:

“IT likes Microsoft and likes Windows. They’ve made a lot of investment in things like Active Directory and Exchange and as a result they have a lot of interest in seeing Windows Phone used by employees… enterprises do want it and I think they have a strong opportunity when it comes to the enterprise side of purchase decisions.”

Source RedmonMag