Video: WiFi Sense for WP 8.1 Running On A Lumia 920



Another Windows Phone 8.1 video from the guys at UnleashThePhones this time looking at WiFi Sense, which is one of many new features coming with the platform update due to be announced by Microsoft in April.

In the video, uploaded to Unleash writer Yesh Maheshwari’s YouTube Channel we see that new to WiFi Settings is the ability to set a time for WiFi to switch on and off, also going into “WiFi Sense” you can control which groups of your contacts can share your WiFi connection without the need to give them a password, provided they also have WiFi Sense running.

You can see the 34 second clip for yourself below.

We have been very impressed with the exclusive videos of some of the new features and settings coming with Windows Phone 8.1, which have come from In all so far an unknown person has an early build of the OS running on a Lumia 920.

Source UnleashThePhones