Don’t worry we are HERE on “X”! Part – II


The Mobile World Congress 2014 was the ”Road to El Darado” for Niko and his team after working hard for more than 1 year on building the HERE Maps App for the “X” series.

The team has gathered a lot of experience in developing apps for very unreliable networks. The project has also given us the opportunity to work directly with customers in growth markets to understand their requirements from our apps and the constraints under which the service has to be delivered. But the app is full featured. A lot more, that you would normally expect from a first release. This is one hell of a release. We’d say it was more like a version 2.0.” Says Niko

Transit 3d directions

As mentioned by Niko, this has been a big learning experience for the Maps team. Generally, the Maps are an addition to the Mobile apps which gives us an elite flamboyance however; its basic need is to show way. Then again, this map app will require few prerequisites which will end up inflating the cost of the device. The HERE team is targeting the entry level Nokia Smart Phones and the team is aiming to deliver the finest experience with maps at places, where the Mobile Networks are not stable.


What’s Special about HERE?

HERE Map is an all-in-one package which provides you an advance search and functionalities that no other providers have offered.

Transit 3d directions

“With the HERE Maps app on the Nokia X we have our maps experience, with regular search, nearby search, and points of interest. We have routing functionality for cars, pedestrians and transit. And there’s the in-car experience with voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation.” Says Jens Klaus, Niko’s co-worker.

The offline maps are the best part HERE!

Offline maps

“Offline maps allowed us to do two things that aren’t available from competitors in this space.

First, the app will work perfectly well in areas where mobile network coverage is poor or even non-existent. That’s absolutely vital for the territories at which the Nokia X Family is targeted. Other systems become unusable if you can’t draw down data quickly enough: ours keeps on showing the way.

 The second key advantage is speed. Because HERE Maps isn’t reliant on mobile data transfers for most purposes, but rather on memory speed, it’s blazing-fast compared to the other location services you normally find on phones in this price range.” Explains Niko.

Apart from its offline functionality and the advance spot on search, the voice guidance is the best element of HERE as quoted by Jens.

Driving options

You will always feel secure and confident with the HERE Maps.

Develop HERE

Nokia’s HERE business was charged with creating the new location and navigation app for the Nokia X family. They also had to influence location services on all the other apps creating an API to allow developers to tap into HERE services for their own functionality. Then, there is a plugin for the Android SDK that will allow developers to use the HERE for other location services, simply by clicking one box rather than another.

Devs can get started HERE.

“We have full support for rotate and tilt – so however you move the device, the map is still pointing in the right direction without needing to refresh.” Says Niko

The slightest things are what Niko is gratified about.

“Our ambition is to provide a great experience for *all* mobile phone users” he ends.

Thank you, Pino Bonetti (@haikus) for the prints. For more news, click HERE