75% Android Apps are compatible with the “X” series confirms Nokia


Lots of buzz about the all new Nokia X series and to top it all, here is some exciting news.

Nokia says almost 75% of the Apps in the Android world are compatible with the Nokia X and the remaining needs a little tweaking, before it could be installed.

flowchartNokia has revised the Jelly Beans, removing the Google Services and adding some of its own custom settings like the Fast Lane and Tiles like UI. Also, this Android OS has Microsoft Services running on the BG instead of standard Google’s services. Nokia will have its own store and also this gives access to 3rd Party store from where we can download Android apps. With the all new X series in the Nokia family, we can now side load Android Apps too.

Nokia now has a dedicated SDK and porting tools, which will make all incompatible Android apps compatible for the platform.

According to stoolies, the documentation and the tools are out for testing the Apps. Also, Nokia wants to submit the apps to the Nokia Store. Nokia confirms that, 75% of the Android Apps needs no modifications however, the remaining apps will require small touch up’s and the porting process to do the re-touch will not take more than 8 hours. The apps that require Google Services or linking to the Google’s Play store will be redirected to their Nokia/Microsoft referents.

Furthermore, there is also a tool to check the compatibility of your App with Nokia X series. You do not have to worry about this anymore since you will find whatever is required to test or port your Android Apps, here.