evleaks Tweets Picture of Lumia 630



Good ol’ evleaks has taken to Twitter again, this time to post a picture of what he says is the Nokia Lumia 630, also known previously by it’s code name MoneyPenny.

The Tweet, posted today simple read “Nokia Lumia 630, 2014” along with a picture of a Nokia device which to me strikes a bit of a resemblence to the Normandy phone we have been seeing and hearing a lot about lately, it certainly has the same green casing which has been prevelent in hints about the possible Android device.

The Lumia 630 should be a replacement for the Lumia 620, but unlike that device doesn’t appear to have a front facing camera, nor any Windows Phone buttons, suggesting this could be a Windows Phone 8.1 device. We may see the Lumia 630 unvailed at MWC which starts tomorrow.