How would you change the Nokia Lumia 520?


Nokia_Lumia_520The Nokia Lumia 520 is the King of Windows Phone!!

Why such a statement? Nokia Lumia 520 makes up 33% of the the Windows Phone Marketshare Globally.

Take a look at this graph courtesy of WPCentralWP map

Why was it so successful?

  • It was a successful device because its a full fledged smartphone at price point of a featured phone. Means Smartphones usually cost avg $300+ USD no contract and a Featured Phone “aka” dumb phones usually cost avg $100+ USD.
  • The Lumia 520’s MSRP is about $100 USD w/out a contract. You can grab one now for about $60 no contract.
  • Services!! A lot of Nokia services/apps do not need data or are less reliant on data. That’s a plus for the Emerging markets. The likes of Nokia Here Maps and its offline mapping. Free turn by turn navigation, etc.
  • Memory and expandable Memory!! For a device that less than $100. It can replace your MP3 player. The phone has a built in 8GB memory and has an expandable slot that can take up to 64GB micro SD.

Anyways lets get back to the subject.. We already know the device was a success. But for future sake.. How would you change it and keeping it at that price point to reach more emerging markets?

Here is my take on how I would change the Nokia Lumia 520 and try to keep it at the same price point.

  • Camera: I think the camera is fine, this can stay at 5MP but need to add a flash and also a front facing camera.
  • Body: The overall physical body is nice as well, I suggest to keep the design.
  • Screen: The screen size is fine, I suggest the capacitive button to be converted to on screen.
  • Speaker: I suggest to change the placement of the speakers to bottom of the phone and not the back.
  • Battery: An Upgrade on the battery will be good.
  • More Memory: I guess this was fixed on the recent upgrade Lumia 525. From 500MB to 1GB RAM.

That is all I can think of for now.. I don’t know if I made it more expensive, but with the advancement of technology, I’m pretty sure the price point will still be pretty good with the upgrades I provided. What about you? How would you change the Lumia 520? I like these kind of article as they provide bridge to the manufacturers. They would not know what you want if you don’t tell them right?

Nokia is very good at listening to its consumers.. So Why not? You never know.. Your dream feature might be on the next device upgrade of the Lumia 520.

Let us know..