Nokia Lumia Icon Officially Available on Verizon Wireless #HelloIcon #LumiaIcon


Lumia IconThe wait is over.. Wait its only been a week.. That’s right.. The Nokia Lumia Icon that was announced last week is available today at your local Verizon Wireless stores or online.

Lumia Icon Avail VZW

The Nokia Lumia Icon is available in color White and Black. Price $199 w/ 2yrs Agreement, $549 without a contract or $23.06 a month with VZW Edge program. (Installment Plan).

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Lumia Icon VZW details

My thoughts on this phone:

At first look, I didn’t really like this phone. I thought it was bulky, the edge aren’t round, I wasn’t feeling it.

As they say.. “You gotta see it in person to appreciate it” That’s how my opinion changed. It clearly became the phone I want. It feels perfect in hand, the stunning 1080p screen, the screen is almost edge to edge to bezel. See the LG G2 to know what I’m talking about.

It also packs a power! Snapdragon 800 processor, Quad-Core at clock rate 2.2ghz. The phone is snappy from switching apps to apps.

Imaging and Video Recording? It ain’t no pushover either. It packs Nokia’s Pureview technology with a 20MP camera w/ Carl Zeiss Optics. It records in 1080p 30fps with 4 microphones.

To see more of the Specs click Here.

You are probably thinking… Its Verizon they are not on GSM, how can this device cater to me? You are correct. The Lumia Icon supports GSM as well for Global use and it comes SIM Unlocked out of the box so you can use it with T-Mobile or AT&T SIM on the HSPA network. Sorry No LTE.. But hey.. if you’re on Verizon you can enjoy the LTE on this phone.

Let us know what you think..? I really recommend to check it out in person before making a decision.

You never know…