Nokia Treasure Tag Coming? App Currently In Internal Beta Testing


Nokia Treasure Tag

Remember this? Nokia Treasure Tag is a proximity sensor accessory that has been rumored for launch since last summer. Alas this nifty little device has yet to see the light of day, skipping out on Nokia World and other device launches. Alas, we may not have to wait much longer, as the app seems to have been in development for a couple months now, according to the latest information which suggests internal beta testing for the app may be over soon.

Treasure Tag AppThe app has shown up in the Windows Phone store, though how long it’s been there is unclear to me. According to the version info, it was last updated to v1.1.0.79 at the end of November. If you visit the app, you’ll only be met with the screen above, which gives no indication of app functionality or anything else for that matter. When you hit “show details”, you’ll see that the app is due to expire 90 days from publishing. I can only deduce that we may be hitting that mark by the end of this month, which is perfect timing for a Mobile World Congress debut of the accessory.

treasure-nokiaIn case you need a refresher on what the Treasure Tag is supposed to do, it is meant to act as a tracking device. You clip it onto your keys or in your purse, and your phone pairs with it using NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. If you happen to misplace your item, an app should allow you to see where the tag is based on when it last “talked” to your phone. Similarly, if you misplace your phone, pressing the button on the tag will, if in range, activate a beacon allowing you to pinpoint your phone’s location. It is also said to work with Nokia’s LiveSight augmented Reality view. According to The Verge, Treasure Tag is designed to be “always on,” and includes a battery that will last for around six months of use.

Lumia 1520 and Treasure Tag
The Treasure Tag was leaked along with the yellow Lumia 1520 on the day before Nokia World 2013. The device was a no-show.

Nokia Research Center demonstrated something like this in a video from 2011, highlighting their work in Indoor Mapping technology. You can watch in the video below.

The device has already passed through FCC regulators last year under the model name WS-2, so we’re bound for a launch soon. Are you excited to see this finally come to fruition? Will you be picking one up if it does?