Classic Nokia Ringtones All in One App, Nokia Tones App Review



Do we have a treat for you Nostalgia fans out there. An app review of Nokia Tones, a free download in the Windows Phone store which brings over 1,000 ringtones found on Nokia devices from the past and present.

It is a fairly basic app available for both Windows Phone 7.X and Windows Phone 8, and the download weighs in at 350mb but there are some classic ringtones on there which you should remember from the past 20 years as well as a few omissions which I hope will get added in a future update along with a search function or at least the ability to bring up an alphabet grid like you can on your app list.

Despite being labelled a “Retrospective Collection by Nokia Design Team” this app is neither published by Nokia nor is it in the Nokia Collection, it is developed by Aleksi Eeben who I am not familiar with. Regardless of this it makes for a fun walk down memory lane and adding the tones to you phone is a simple process

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You can Download Nokia Tones from the Windows Phone Store by clicking HERE