Kantar Shows Windows Phone Making Strong YoY Growth



Kantar World Panel have released their smartphone data report for the three months ending December 2013, which show good year on year growth for Windows Phone in all but one of the 8 markets. We also see increased market share against the figures ending November ’13, but also decline in some key markets such as USA and China.

Year on Year

A look at Windows Phone market share against the same three months of 2012 show the biggest gain being made in France where it increased 6.4 percent points, from 5% last year to 11.4%. Great Britain has the second highest gains 5.4 point increase, up from 5.9% to 11.3%. EU5 and Spain also did well against last years figures, making gains of 4.6 points and 4.4 respectively. Only Latin America saw a decline against last year, dropping 1.8 points to 4.9%. Windows Phone is still the second biggest mobile OS in Latin America, a market where only Android made gains.

The graph below shows figures for this month (blue) last month (orange) and last year (gray).


Against Last Month

Comparing Windows Phone market share for the three months ending December ’13 to the three months ending November ’13 shows a mixed bag of results. Windows Phone continued to gain market share in Germany (up 0.2) Britain (up 0.5) Italy (up 1.1) where their share is now 17.1%, a comfortable 2nd place behind Android, Spain (up 0.8) and EU5 (up 0.3). Decline in market share were found in France (down 1.5) USA (down 0.4) China (down 1.6) and Australia (down 1.7)

Kantar said in their report:

Windows Phone continues to show high year-on-year growth, but its share of the European market has essentially remained flat at 10.3% for the past three months.
Windows Phone has now held double digit share across Europe for three consecutive months. Unfortunately for Nokia the European smartphone market is only growing at 3% year on year so success in this market has not been enough to turn around its fortunes – reflected in its recent disappointing results. Its performance also deteriorated toward the end of 2013 in the important growth markets of China, USA and Latin America.

Other OS’s

Looking at the market share of other operating systems shows that in every market Android grew their share compared to this time last year, while iOS lost ground in every market. Blackberry also lost market share quite heavily compared to last year, but did at least manage to make a gain in one market, the biggest of all China, albeit only 0.1 percent point.

Source Kantar World Panel