AdDuplex Estimates Record Number Of Windows Phones Sold to End Users in Q4 2013



AdDuplex, who publish monthly Windows Phone statistics based on their network of apps, have estimated that Q4 2013 saw record numbers of Windows Phone devices sold to end users, following Nokia’s admission that sales of Lumia devices which make up over 90% of Windows Phone sales, were down on the previous quarter.

Despite Nokia announcing 8.2 million Lumia devices were sold in the three months ending December 2013 which was down 7% on Q3, AdDuplex have posted on their blog that over 10 million Windows Phone devices may have been sold to actual users, which if right would mean over 9 million of those were Nokia branded, unless market trends have changed quite drastically.

AdDuplex also make an estimate at how many Windows Phone 8 devices are in use at the moment, which they say are around 35 million.


You should take a look at their whole blog post for more information, which makes interesting reading.

We should soon get Gartner’s report into the last quarter, which specializes in device sales to end users, and it will be interesting to see if they say a similar thing or not.