Nokia Release Q4 2013 Results, But No Smartphone Sales Numbers


You may have caught my post yesterday, predicting the results of Nokia’s smartphone sales ahead of the Q4 2013 numbers being released today, but unfortunately we won’t know exactly how far off I was as Nokia have declined to report actual sales figures for smartphones or feature phones, putting these under the “Discontinued Operations” section of their report.

We are given some indication of how sales went, and it looks like I was some way off with my prediction of 15% growth of Lumia sales.

The sequential decline in discontinued operations net sales in the fourth quarter 2013 was primarily due to lower Smart Devices net sales. – See more at:


According to the information released on Discontinued Operations, we see that Net Sales of all devices came in at €2.63 Billion, down from the the same time last year by 29%, and down 5% against the previous quarter.

As for the Continuing Operations of Nokia the summery reads:

Fourth quarter 2013 highlights for continuing operations*:

Nokia’s non-IFRS EPS in Q4 2013 of EUR 0.08 (0.06 in Q3 2013); reported EPS of EUR 0.05 (0.04 in Q3 2013)
Nokia’s net sales in Q4 2013 were EUR 3.5 billion, up 18% compared to Q3 2013
– In Q4 2013, underlying operating profitability for Nokia’s continuing operations increased to EUR 408 million or 11.7% of net sales, compared to EUR 344 million or 11.7% of net sales in Q3 2013.
– NSN achieved solid underlying operating profitability, with Q4 2013 non-IFRS operating margin of 11.2% compared to 8.4% in Q3 2013. This reflected strong gross margin and continued progress relative to its strategy in a seasonally strong quarter, partially offset by higher than normal non-IFRS other expenses.
– HERE’s external net sales grew to EUR 225 million, an increase of 10% year-on-year and 28% sequentially.
– Nokia announced that Samsung extended a patent license agreement between Nokia and Samsung for 5 years. Samsung will pay compensation to Nokia for the period commencing from January 1, 2014. The amount to be paid by Samsung will be finally settled in a binding arbitration, which is expected to be concluded during 2015.

Read the entire report for more information on Nokia’s performance in the last quarter, by clicking HERE.