Nokia Announce Q4 2013 Lumia Sales of 8.2 million



Earlier today Nokia released their Nokia Corporation Q4 and full year 2013 Interim report which revealed a number of things about the Finnish company’s performance, but didn’t actually state how many Lumia devices had been sold in the last quarter.

They have since made the announcement that in the forth quarter of 2013 8.2 million Lumia devices were sold, down 600,000 (6.8%) from the previous quarter. This is an unfortunate dip in sales of Nokia smartphones (excluding any Asha device sales) as the range of Windows Phone devices had been growing steadily over the previous 12 months.

Q3 2014 is set to be the last full quarter where Nokia will be producing the devices, with the Devices and Services Division in the process of being sold to Microsoft.

Due to Nokia making up as much as 92% of all Windows Phone sales it looks like the platform on the whole may see a fairly poor quarter in terms of sales.

Over all in 2013 Nokia sold 30 million Lumia devices, up 44% on 2012.

Source WP7Connect